100,000 trucks


The Rolling Highway offers capacity for around 100'000 trucks every year, thus making an important contribution to shifting traffic from road to rail.



The Freiburg – Novara relation takes 10 hours to complete the 414 km trip. It offers space for up to 23 trucks and each week provides 48 services in each direction.


Vehicle fleet

19 accompanying passenger coachs Bcm61, 5 accompanying passenger coachs WLABmz, 419 low-floor wagons





As a customer and user of the rolling highway, you contribute significantly to the policy of shifting goods traffic from road to rail. You are helping to protect the environment by reducing your CO2, nitrous oxide and particulate emission footprints. Our environmental certificate shows your annual savings and is evidence of your firm's environmental awareness.

Thanks to us, some 30,000 fewer tonnes of CO2 enter the atmosphere every year. Assuming that the average Swiss household emits around 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per person per year for heat and electricity, the greenhouse gas emissions saved correspond to the energy requirements of some 11,000 people, or around 11,000 return flights between Zurich and New York.



Our wheelset maintenance workshop in Wangen bei Olten handles around 6'000 wheelsets a year. 


Key figures