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Ahe Swiss national government supports the continuation of the RAlpin Rolling Highway until 2026

Generally pleased RAlpin AG is taking note of today's decision by the Federal Council to continue the Rolling Highway between Freiburg (D) and Novara (I) beyond 2023. This decision recognizes the importance of the Rolling Highway for the modal shift of approximately 80’000 HGVs per year and for climate protection. However, based on the consultation carried out in winter 2021/22 and the majority of approving feedbacks, RAlpin assumed continued operation until 2028 and the cessation of operations at the end of 2028 with financial requirements of around 100 million Swiss francs. This solution was prepared in close consultation with the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) and resulted in the best cost/benefit ratio with the lowest special depreciation while avoiding new investments. This consultation variant would also leave enough time to find flanking measures for a follow-on solution in unaccompanied combined transport. With the cessation of operations
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Almost one quarter more transported lorries than in 2020
– operative losses reduced by two thirds in the second
year of the pandemic – 2022 tentatively off to a positive

In particular, the new 2021-2023 Business Plan helped RAlpin manage the adversities presented by the pandemic in the previous year. Assumptions made about costs in the plan proved correct.
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Consultation on the continuation of the Rolling Highway until 2028: RAlpin supports the planned federal decree and amendments to the law

RAlpin is pleased and encouraged by the success of the National Council's transport
committee in the current consultation process and is preparing for the continuation of the operation of the Rolling Highway until 2028. The decision proposed by the Swiss Federal
Council with the financial framework and the necessary legislative amendments is crucial and well balanced. The Rolling Highway reduces congestion on the heavily used road network by more than 5 kilometers every day and offers the transport industry a flexible alternative, especially for time-critical transports over medium distances. Last year, 17 per cent of all trucks transported were loaded with food or food related goods. In order to be able to transport these in unaccompanied combined transport from the end of the current decade, investments are needed in infrastructure expansions and freight transport facilities on the rail side, as well as the further strengthening and promotion of the modal shift to rail.
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20 year’ anniversary of the Freiburg–Novara rolling highway: accompanied combined transport maintained continuously across two national borders during the COVID-19 pandemic

Rolling highway trains took the Freiburg–Novara route on 11 July 2001 for the first time. As a pioneering user of the 4-metre Simplon intermodal corridor, RAlpin has since switched over 1.7 million heavy goods vehicles from road to rail, relieving the Swiss Alps of heavy traffic and almost 600’000 tonnes of CO2. In the 2020 financial year, transport volumes fell by more than 35% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Accompanied combined transport across two national borders was still maintained throughout the whole year. Press release


2019 proved to be one of the more difficult years in the almost 20-year history of RAlpin AG. RAlpin, operator of the Rola rolling highway, reported a significant loss in 2019 due to a variety of external factors. Nevertheless, the 86,000-plus consignments showed that it succeeded in making a significant contribution to Switzerland’s modal shift policy. The result means that RAlpin was able to maintain its market share of just under 6% in a
transalpine freight market that is generally on the decline.

Having reached retirement age, Erwin Rutishauser, Chairman of the Board of Directors,
stepped down at the annual general meeting of shareholders held on 19 June 2020. His
successor is Nicolas Perrin.
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RAlpin ag appoints ludwig näf to the post of managing director

The Board of Directors of RAlpin AG has selected Ludwig Näf to be the company's new managing director. Ludwig Näf has extensive management experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry. He will assume his post on 1 July 2019. Until then, the company will continue to be managed on an interim basis by Dominic Felice, Head of Assets and Operations. Press Release

René Dancet to step down as CEO of RAlpin

René Dancet, CEO of RAlpin AG, is leaving the company at his own request to pursue a new career path. René Dancet has made a significant contribution to the establishment and development of the company and has managed it with great success. Press release


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